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Operating in Mauritius Freeport

Once a company has obtained a Freeport Certificate from the Board of Investment, she can carry trade activities in the Mauritius Freeport by registering the company firstly with the Income Tax Department to obtain a Tax Identification Number (TAN) and secondly with the Customs Department to be able to process customs declarations for the import and export of goods within a Freeport zone.

Registration with Income Tax Department

Freeport companies must be registered with the Income Tax Department as an importer/exporter to be able to conduct business in the Mauritius Freeport. The applicant should submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation obtained at the registrar of companies
  • Freeport Licence
  • Letter issued from the company specifying the capacity in which the person making the application is acting
  • The person ID Number 

Contact details

Income Tax Department
Mauritius Revenue Authority
Ehram Court
Cnr Mgr. Gonin & Sir Virgil Naz Street
Port Louis
Tel: 207 600 Fax: 211 8099
Contact Person: Mr. Prithvi Conhyedass (Section Head)

Registration with Customs and Excise Department

Freeport Companies must also be registered with the customs department at the computer section to submit electronic declarations for the movement of goods to and from freeport zones.

Contact details

Mauritius Revenue Authority - Customs
Custom House - Mer Rouge

Port Loius

Tel: 202 0500

Contact Person: Mr. Alan Ramasamy (Section Head)

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