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Cargo Clearance

Freeport goods are cleared using the Single Goods Customs Declaration through TradeNet/CMS

Section 19(1) of the Freeport Act 2004 provides that goods entering or leaving a Freeport zone shall be done in the same manner as goods are imported or exported under customs laws and shall be made through the TradeNet System, except for goods stored by enterprises operating under the Industrial Expansion Act 1993 and duty paid goods or locally manufactured/produced goods.

The submission of declaration for goods entering or leaving a Freeport zone shall therefore be done using the Single Goods Declaration through the TradeNet/CMS System under the Customs (Use of Computer) regulations 1997.

A Freeport operator wishing to act as his own declarant can purchase a Front-End System from the Mauritius Network Services and undergo the appropriate training to use the TradeNet/CMS or it can use the services of a Customs House broker or Clearing and Forwarding agent who can act as declarant on behalf of the Freeport operator.

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