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The Board of Investment, as the apex organisation responsible for the overall promotion of the Mauritius Freeport, aims to provide marketing support to companies operating in the Freeport by making available useful and practical information that include business opportunities, market trends, Freeport trade, logistics, etc.

The Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa (COMESA) regroups 20 Member States of Eastern & Southern Africa, including Mauritius. The COMESA regional block has a population of over 385 million and represents an annual total trade of around US$ 60 billion. The document provides an overview of COMESA, FTA, rules of origin, cumulative treatment and the certificate of origin.
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Contact Details of Shipping Lines
Contact Details of Shipping Lines
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Freight Rates from Mauritius as at August 2005
Freight Rates from Mauritius
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Freight Rates to Mauritius as at August 2005
Freight Rates to Mauritius
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Import Procedures
Import Procedures & Tariffs in Selected African Countries
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Information pack on Mauritius Freeport
Useful guide for potential investors
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Logistics Cost in the Port and Freeport.
Logistics Cost include Port & Cargo Handling Charges, Transport Cost and Storage Charges in the Freeport Zones
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The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is a regional grouping of 13 Member States, including Mauritius. This document gives an overview of SADC,the Trade Protocol, the signatory members, structure of tariff and the rules of origin
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Shipping Connections
Shipping connections to countries by shipping lines
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